Blanket Exercise September 2018

SoulStream Presents:

Reimagining our History…by experiencing the Blanket Exercise

Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

“Where common memory is lacking, where people do not share the same past, there can be no real community. Where community is to be formed, common memory must be created.”
~George Erasmus, Dene Nation, Co-chair of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples

You are invited to come and reimagine with us…

What if the story we think we know isn’t the whole story? The history many of us learned in school has likely been told from one perspective. Those of us who identify as non-indigenous or “settlers” don’t realize that we are missing an Indigenous perspective in our identity as Canadians. As stories of #idlenomore, truth and reconciliation, cultural genocide, missing and murdered indigenous women, residential schools, and recently, the 60’s scoop make their way into mainstream media, how much are we willing to admit we don’t understand? We may have the best intentions, but our lack of understanding has the potential to inhibit reconciliation efforts and healing in our country.

Reconciliation requires understanding and empathy. The Blanket Exercise is an experiential re-telling of Canadian history from an Indigenous perspective. This exercise hopes to generate understanding about our shared history by literally walking through pre-contact, treaty-making, colonization, and resistance. We are invited to engage on an intellectual and emotional level, to be affected, and to have our perspectives challenged and, perhaps, changed. Canada is in a season of reconciliation and we are all invited to participate.

DATE/TIME: Saturday, September 22nd, 2018. 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

LOCATION: Anglican Parish of Christ Church, 3602 8 St SW, Calgary, AB

COST: $50

Lunch included.

Warning: The Blanket Exercise may contain triggers for those who have experienced trauma. All experiences will be treated with care.

Proceeds will go to SoulStream Initiatives, a non-profit organization that seeks to support the contemplative lifestyle and encourage others to live authentically with Jesus.

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