Cat Anderson

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Hi ! I live on SḴŦAḴ (Mayne Island, BC) where the natural environment connects me back to the Divine and myself. Living closely with nature is lifegiving; the nearness of water and rock soothe my soul and are companions that faithfully remind me where I am from and where I will return. In 2016 I registered for Living From The Heart and was introduced to the gift of spiritual direction. Since this time, spiritual direction has become a constant spiritual practise; supporting my life and providing a safe place to ask big questions that don’t have answers but are asking to be spoken anyway. With her welcoming grounded presence, my director encourages curiosity and wonder which deepens my relationship and connectivity to the Divine.

As I offer spiritual direction to others, I am struck by the sacredness of this vocation. It is mysterious work; a skill that is practised and a grace that is given. It is a work of the heart. I would be honoured to accompany you.

British Columbia, Canada
Offers a complimentary first meet and greet session
SoulStream trained
LGBTQ+ affirming
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