Karen Perinbam

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Offering Spiritual Direction has been such a gift and a joy in my life: I often wonder who gets more out of the sessions, me or my directees! I love to watch Holy Spirit at work in the heart and lives of others as we explore their relationship with God. Sharing that quiet space with another is a sacred and often humbling moment; there is indeed a sense of travelling together this thing called Life. I enjoying accompanying others, not as one with all the answers, but one who helps to hold all the questions and wonderings as we go together.

In addition to Spiritual Direction, I offer various kinds of coaching: I am especially fond of working with others in the context of the Enneagram.

I currently live in the Lower Mainland of BC in western Canada, with my husband and three adult children. I love to read, ride my bike, dabble in art, and am learning to brave the elements as I enjoy “wonder walks”. As well as serving in my local church, I also lend my time and talents to a small non-profit organization helping refugees and newcomers to our community.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Offers a complimentary first meet and greet session
SoulStream trained
LGBTQ+ affirming
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