Michelle Copithorne with Still Lake Listening

Personal Profile

I am a spiritual director with Still Lake Listening, patient listener, teacher, guide, lover of trees (and those tiny little mushrooms hidden in the moss – they’re so cool!).

I’m a partner, momma, cook, consultant, and confidante.  I’ve held space with the dying and have experienced a messy, entangled journey with core shame, betrayal, and crisis of identity.

I’m a Queer Contemplative who has slogged through her own versions of complex trauma, family system dysfunction, loss of loved ones (miscarriages and parents), loss of home and career, divorce, and physical suffering (chronic disease).  Thanks to my own journey in spiritual direction, I have come out the other side with some scars, an intact sense of humour and mischief (although my partner still rolls her eyes at some of my jokes), and hopefully a smidgen (the beginnings?) of wisdom.

My faith journey?  I was raised Christian, yet felt closest to my understanding of God when I stood on the rocky ridges of my homelands, surrounded by prairies, trees, and a thousand miles of wild.  My heart sings when I can share the path with others…listening, asking questions, exploring things of the soul; the things that really matter.

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Calgary and Area, Alberta, Canada
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