Nate Lepp

Personal Profile

I’ve been drawn to spiritual direction by a desire to explore my own inner landscapes: my thoughts, emotions, memories and embodied responses that arise out of everyday life. Receiving direction has opened up space for encountering parts of my self that were previously ignored or unknown, and for being known by an other with an open, generous curiosity. After several years receiving direction, I knew I wanted to offer this gift to others. And in doing so, I’ve found that the gift is returned again, in sharing the richness and wonder of exploring an other’s inner terrain, discovering what’s hidden and finding new perspectives on familiar landmarks.

Exploring the natural world around me has been pivotal to my spiritual journey and feeling alive. Time in and on water, bird watching (and listening) and forest running are current practices that help me feel more connected and whole.

Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada
Offers a complimentary first meet and greet session
SoulStream trained
LGBTQ+ affirming
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