Teresa Silver

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Much of my Spiritual Direction practice can be summed up in one word: Welcome. Like many, my religious upbringing taught me that my inner experience wasn’t to be trusted. Teaching authorities often overruled any inner authority. Spiritual Direction was a space for me to unlearn that. It became a place to reconnect with myself, my experience of God, and my inner wisdom as well.

As a Spiritual Director I’m passionate about providing a safe listening space where all parts of oneself and all of life can be welcomed and explored.  I believe, “God comes to us disguised as our life” (Paula D’Arcy). For me the greatest gift of offering Spiritual Direction is walking alongside fellow travelers and being trusted to hold the complexities of life. To assist in the process, I bring warmth, curiosity, compassion, authenticity, reflective listening, and my training in Spiritual Direction.

I love to walk, bike, hike, be with friends & family, and listen to way too many podcasts!   Since my son came out in 2014, I’ve been involved in the development of two feature length films about opening the church to LGBTQ+ people; For They Know Not What They Do (Apple TV/Prime Video) and 1946: The Mistranslation That Shifted Culture.


Washington, United States
Offers a complimentary first meet and greet session
SoulStream trained
LGBTQ+ affirming
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