The Basic Commitments Of The SoulStream Partners

Observe regular times of prayer and solitude to nurture our life in God’s love.

We covenant together to find time to pay attention to our life with God, seeking to claim our true identity as God’s beloved children and growing in the freedom God offers.

Attentively respond to the Spirit’s presence and action in our daily choices.

We covenant together to become increasingly receptive in body, mind and emotions to God’s loving action in every area of life. We will seek to let go of our lurking tendencies to self-effort and control and surrender to God’s initiative in our lives.

Help nurture healthy community within the web of relationships in which we live.

We covenant together to live together in our relationships with vulnerability and trust, embracing our weakness and the weakness of others, and trusting God’s restorative action among us.

Create a welcoming space for others without distinction.

We covenant together to offer respect and blessing to all people – regardless of race, gender, gender identity, sexual identity or orientation, religious beliefs or any other distinction – providing a safe place where the beauty and struggle of each person’s experience can be honoured and celebrated.

Act with compassion for justice and peace within the whole of creation.

We covenant to embody God’s presence in our world, promoting care for creation itself in our consumer choices and offering compassion for those who are broken or without power and voice in our society. We will also seek the courage to witness to and act against injustice, exclusion, and exploitation.

Support the mission, activities, and community that are the life of SoulStream.

We covenant together to support the life of our dispersed community by our actions, by our prayers, and by our regular financial contributions in a manner appropriate to our personal circumstances.

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