Partner Formation

SoulStream offers the possibility of wider participation within a dispersed yet committed contemplative community by inviting individuals to consider becoming Partners. Following the name that the founders of SoulStream used to describe their significant sense of commitment and community, “Partner” carries the sense that we are in this together, that we belong, that we have a sense of ownership, and that we all have a stake in the gift that SoulStream offers to the world.

soulstream crossWhat is “Partnership” with SoulStream?

Partnership is a fundamental choice to follow Jesus in a contemplative way of life in relationship with other partners that share the mission, values, and commitments of SoulStream. This fundamental choice is to become aware of and receptive to Jesus in all areas of life, such as personal character, soul care, vocation, relationships, finances, play and leisure, aspirations, and so forth.

The Heart of Being a Partner Involves:

Opportunities to share life with other partners for celebration, encouragement, ongoing soul care and loving service to the world. These opportunities include such things as regular partner gatherings, regional events, ongoing formational and learning among partners, networks of contemplative resources. Intentional care and support of other partners who will be with you in your gifts and in your brokenness on the journey to live open-heartedly with Jesus in our contemporary world, particularly in the face of contrary social and often religious values. Opportunities to contribute to the mission of SoulSteam by living as a contemplative presence in the world, and by engaging directly in the SoulStream initiatives.

What else is involved in being a SoulStream Partner?

  • Being part of regular communication network of SoulStream leaders and other Partners
  • Access on the website where Partners communicate with each other, sharing ideas, encouragement, questions, etc.
  • Having input on some of the overall issues facing the whole community
  • Encouragement to be part of a local SoulCare group of your choice wherever possible.

How to become partner

If you wish to become a SoulStream partner, you are invited to contact any current SoulStream partner or the SoulStream leadership where you will be warmly invited to begin the conversation. Here are some questions to consider that might be helpful to discern whether or not you are ready to make a commitment to the community of SoulStream:

  • What has been your own contemplative experience?
  • What books and practices have been helpful?
  • What role models have you had?
  • Are you currently in spiritual direction?
  • What attracts you to Partnership in SoulStream?

If you are interested in learning more about Partner Formation with SoulStream, please contact us.

Our Partner representative for Partner Formation is Irene Fennema*

Irene FennemaIrene Fennema is the partner representative for SoulStream’s Partner Formation Initiative. Irene grew up in Alberta as one of eight siblings. Among the close-knit Dutch Canadian community is where she went to school, church and fell in love with a preacher’s kid, Norm. After marrying, and the birth of their daughter, they packed all their belongings into their 1971 Buick Electra set off for life on the West Coast. Together, while Irene worked and Norm made his way through two grad degrees, they raised their kids (a son was born too).

Irene’s work-life began with many happy years as a bookseller for independent bookshops and most recently, 15 years spent in development/fundraising support (for both public and private institutions). Their home in Victoria, BC is part of a cooperative housing community and is located on the unceded territory of the Coast Salish people.

Irene’s life of a contemplative looks like slow walks (forest & shoreline) with her eyes and camera on the beauty of this pocket of the world, offering and receiving spiritual direction, participating in soul care groups, disappearing into all kinds of books, holding space for what lays ahead for the church, and happy hour with friends. Her love for the SoulStream community is rooted in the spaciousness she experiences while exploring life in Christ.

*Denotes Volunteer

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