Michelle Newsham

Personal Profile

Michelle was touched so deeply by a sense of grace and safety during her early experiences of receiving spiritual direction that she wanted to be equipped to offer these same gifts to others.  Influenced by 17+ years as part of the resident community at King’s Fold Retreat & Renewal Centre, she approaches spiritual direction as hospitality for the soul – a sacred place where a person and their questions, thoughts, feelings, certainties and uncertainties, arising from life experience, are welcomed – to be discovered, expressed and explored in the context of opening to and discerning God’s gentle and loving presence.

She considers it pure gift to bear witness to God’s image, presence and transformative way in those she accompanies, and is humbled and honored by their trust, transparency and desire for truth.

Michelle is fascinated by culture; loves nature, writing, photography (dmndesigns.ca), prairie skies and her role in life as Grauntie. She relies heavily on the truth that it is not all up to us… that God absolutely and lovingly pursues us abundantly more than we will ever pursue God.

Alberta, Canada
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