How Joy Comes (Arthur)

Advent 2023 – Week 3

Welcome to SoulStream’s Advent reflections. We are delighted to present this wonderful gift from Laurel Pritchard. Join us each week during Advent as we embark on a journey of paying attention, watching and waiting, and savoring every moment during this season.

How Joy Comes (Arthur)

by Laurel Pritchard

On the way out the door, he’d asked
my favourite candy.  
On a whim I picked the Tootsie Roll.
Chocolatey, chewy, sweet…
An obscure but fun choice.

The next day, he arrived with his mom. 
Gift in hand, he plunked it on my desk.
“You said you liked them,” he shrugged, 
“and I think they are yucky,”
his pale face still sticky from the night before.  
He had heard me.
My heart exploded as I took a bite.

This is how Joy comes
in a seven-year-old boy.
We come to a regular Wednesday 
and leave so much sweeter.

Where have you witnessed a joy-bringer this week?


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