woman driving car

How Peace Comes (Corey)

Advent 2023 – Week 2

woman driving car in sunshine
Photo by Cory Bouthillette on Unsplash

How Peace Comes (Corey)

by Laurel Pritchard

I couldn’t decide. Was there a new noise?
Out of my depth with my new car’s idiosyncrasies
I pulled up to take the keys in.
“Corey,” I said, “it’s me again. I think it needs something, but I’m not sure.”
“Are you free right now?” he asked. “Let’s take a drive.”
He left his desk, other customers, more pressing needs, and hopped in.
We zoomed out of town; he took the wheel.
“Normal,” he proclaimed.
I asked all my embarrassing questions.
He laughed and charged me nothing.

This is how Peace comes
with an easy offer.
We come in all ruffled and flustered
and leave reassured.

Who has offered you peace this week?


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