What Kind Of Heaven . . . ?

Sue had been told that tumors had developed in her liver and lungs. She had been in a deep depression for a while, but she finally followed Barb’s advice to call me after various people at her church kept saying that she could be happy – she was going home to be with Jesus. This is the type of thing that gives Christians a bad name. This, and the Inquisition. Sue wanted to open fire on them all. I think I encouraged this.

Some of her evangelical friends had insisted sorrowfully that her nieces wouldn’t get into heaven, since they were Jews, as was one of her sisters. I told her what I believe to be true – that there was not one chance in a million that the nieces wouldn’t go to heaven, and if I was wrong, who would even want to go? I promised that if there was any problem, she and I would refuse to go. We’d organize.

“What kind of shitty heaven would that be, anyway?” she asked.

Anne Lamott in Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith


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  1. Thanks Glen,
    This is so encouraging. It is so funny though…to consider that I too used to think this way…I think that The Shack” began my journey of waking up to the silliness of the evangelical message…now I can rest in the faith that God is loving….period.