Kushner, Humility

Martin Buber teaches that humility, in classical Hasidism, is built around the notion that each person is unique and, therefore, precious. “In each person there is a priceless treasure that is in no other. Therefore, one shall honor each person for the hidden value that only this person and no one else has.” Humility is not being in the presence of people who are better than we are, but simply being in the presence of people, any people, for they are all as unique as we are.

Humility commences with the realization that no one is inferior or superior to anyone else. This fundamental egalitarianism then matures into a willingness to give of oneself to another. Until, finally, true humility generates a love for all creatures.

Lawrence Kushner, God Was In This Place and I, i Did Not Know, p. 51.


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