Listen to the River

The power in listening/watching those coming through the self-driven ego rapids; I wait ready to catch the bow of their rapidly deflating boat as it swings in to the bend close to the place God has brought me through so far. It is here I am on this day, dripping from head to toe, huddling with others for a short rest and common nourishment.

There is always the river moving past beside us; we can even hear it even while we sleep. We all know it is possible to camp here indefinitely and yet this is not our land to stay. It was never designed for a purpose such as this. There is rest in the bends of the river; God knows that, that is why it exists.

During the night time reading, by the glowing embers, we found our place on the map but could just make out the direction we may be going next. There are Y’s in the river that may go nowhere and we will only know the way when we get there. Experience shows that we will take some of the off chutes out of blind curiosity and self-misguidance. Some will find they need to turn back to the river head and some will explore even further than others are willing.

It is all so mysteriously treacherous and unavoidable to me these days. For now I will listen to the river.

– Darren Withers


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    1. God has blessed me so much in community. My whole body smiled to hear your simple response to a reflection that came out of contemplation with Him.
      I thank you with joyful prayer. Darren