My Sabbath Way

Here is a beautiful poem by Kathy Chapman, one of the Living from the Heart participants, as a reflection on Sabbath as a healing experience.


Chaos and Clutter

Monkeys chattering in my mind

Tangled tasks


The time has come, the time is now…

No, not yet

Wait, wait

Laundry lingers

Must, I must…

Loaded lists

Appointments and schedules



Light the candle


Be Still

Close the Door

Open my heart

Grateful heart, loving heart, blessed heart


Be still

Close my eyes

Hear God’s word

See Jesus’ face

Feel the Spirit’s presence

Grace abounds

Sacred space

Sacred time

Quiet Breath

Cherish and adore

Bless and Praise

Share stories

Break the bread, drink the wine

          Communion and Reunion

The tide swells and ebbs, the moon waxes and wanes the sun sets and rises.

Come to the river, climb the mountain, sit by the sea, walk in the sand,

Smell the flowers, listen to the wind, hold my hand, caress my body.

Extinguish the Candle

Ordered and clean

Refreshed and renewed

Untangled and complete

Beginning new, I saw that it was all good.



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