Partner Post – Dec. 2014

dog-mountain-birdWelcome to the newly updated SoulStream website! It has been a few years since the website first launched and it was in need of some revisions here and there. All of the information from the previous site is still here, but hopefully the features most accessed by visitors, Partners, and SoulStream students are a bit easier to find.

Our hope is that the website continues to serve as a welcome introduction to visitors who are new to SoulStream and a valuable resource for Partners and students of SoulStream.

One new feature we hope to see on a regular basis is a fresh image at the top of the Home page every month (approximately). The images will link to a featured post by a SoulStream Partner. It could be a photo, painting, poem, commentary, story, etc. – something that helps Partners interact, share their journeys, and introduce visitors to SoulStream Partners (this month’s photo features a little friend I met while hiking near Dog Mountain, North Vancouver). Please contact Darryl if you would like to contribute something to be posted.

Thanks for visiting!

Darryl Frayne
Advent 2014


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