Reflection and Poem On Listening

by Gail Purdy

Reading and Reflection on Listening                                                  October 24, 2009

My heart is touched by the writing of David Benner.  In reading Sacred Companions: The Gift of Spiritual Friendship & Direction I have become aware of my own deep longing for spiritual companions who share my desire for a deeper relationship with God.  Many of Benner’s thoughts caused me to reflect on my friendships and as I did, I saw that some of these people did have a desire to deepen their relationship with God and that I just had not been listening too attentively.  I also realize that I have been selective in my listening – choosing and discarding who I will listen to.  My own thoughts often speak so loudly I am not able to her another person, or God.  As I become more attuned to God my desire is to be more attentive to him and others and begin to truly listen from my heart.  Further reflection on the listening exercises and notes from our intensive, I have written a poem that expresses my movement towards becoming a better listener to others and to God.

White Noise

Speak to me my friend.

I want to hear you.

My own thoughts are speaking so loudly.

Speak louder so I can hear you.

I hear your words my friend.

I assign my meaning to your thoughts.

Now I can tell you what to think and what you should do.

I feel good about the wisdom I have shared with you.

You are quiet.

You leave….not feeling heard.

I leave….wondering why I can’t get to know you.

I want to hear you God.

I have many people I need to pray for.

I need you to work in their lives.

I read your word.

There is much for me to do.

I feel good about the wisdom I can give to others.

I am quiet.

You promise you are listening.

I leave to attend to my day.

You are left behind….waiting to speak to me.

Turn down the volume…..

Talk to me my friend.

Share your journey.

I am here by your side.

I am quiet.

You speak.

You are quiet.

I am quiet.

You speak more.

You and I are both quiet.

You speak again.

You are quiet – inhaling and exhaling deeply.

You leave…feeling loved.

I leave having heard your heart.

My soul is restless God

Shhh… still

My mind is distracted.

Shhh… still.

My heart quiets.

I inhale deeply and exhale deeply.

Jesus….speak to me Jesus.

I smile.

I hear you.

You have much to say.

I leave…feeling loved.

You are still here….knowing I have heard your heart.


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