Life living in sound
Particles of energy alive
in my chest
my lungs
my throat
Rhythmic breathing
Up down
In out
Slow strong free

Warm power
Here now
Moving and Still
at the same moment
Flesh pulsing
with oxygen
Trillions of swirling systems
Infinite and small
Chemical explosions
Teaming and contained
Universe within universe

Bodies embracing
Intoxicating breath of life
The presence of holy
The peace of wholeness
If just for one eternal second

Red love
Black Death
White life
In a cycle of metamorphosis

God initiates
Yet I am free

The drama of my brain
The habits ingrained
The rescue of truth
The fruit of a soul
Ripe for right now.

Spirit and Water
Air and bread
Wine of the triune

An empty chair
The tug and pull
Of the void

Cry of a Birth
The force
To make new space
Death must come
Even to the womb

Right now here
All things old and new
And one

To eat now
Sweet relief
Of life and light.

– James Boutin-Crawford


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