The Quality of Assent

We can certainly go into the Silence without the practice of clearing . . . But clearing brings to the forefront new qualities of Silence that transform our inclinations to work for ourselves in more or less selfish ways in to inclinations to be of service to the world. . . .

Assent is one of the qualities of Silence that clearing brings to our work. Saying yes to whatever we do. Saying yes to the spiritual dimension of our being . . . When silence plays more fully into our lives, such actions transform subtly but perceptibly from something that we do and feel in charge of and wholly responsible for into a response of assent from the reverent regions of Silence. . .

We do not suddenly increase in confidence, not in the way motivational gurus usually speak of confidence as a strengthening of ego, for such confidence is an opposite of doubt, and Silence removes us from living in opposites. It is no longer a matter of our being either self-confident or filled with hesitation. We are filled with a companion-presence that guides us through our activities so that we perceive and act with love.

The quality of assent does not make us more skilled, self-confident, or better at what we do. It does not make us better materialists. The presence of this quality helps us to feel that no matter what we are doing, even those things that seem to completely lack any spiritual aspect, our soul senses something inward and moves toward elevating even the most mundane things of life. . .

We feel that we are chosen to be of help to others in what we do. In the moment of assent, we make all our potentialities accessible so that the force of Silence can work through us. We lose our sense of reserve and caution, and relinquish our calculative mind that is seeking to get something out of our actions for ourselves. Assent is a creative act. It opens the inner heart space for something to be created rather than just performed.

When we have cleared a space for the presence of Silence to enter into whatever we are doing, we feel the presence of grace in our lives.

Robert Sardello  in   Silence: The Mystery of Wholeness


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