The Sacrifice Acceptable to God

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and right spirit within me. . . . For you have no delight in sacrifice; if I were to give a burnt offering, you would not be pleased. The sacrifice acceptable to God is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.

Psalm 51:10, 16-17

Yet even now, says the Lord, return to me with all your heart . . . rend your hearts and not your clothing.

Joel 2:12-13

Beware of practicing your piety before others in order to be seen by them; for then you have no reward from your Father in heaven.

. . . do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your alms may be done in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

And whenever you fast, do not look dismal, like the hypocrites, for they disfigure their faces so as to show others that they are fasting. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward.  But when you fast, put oil on your head and wash your face, so that your fasting may be seen not by others but by your Father who is in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

Matthew 6:1, 3-4, 16-18

. . . our heart is wide open to you. There is no restriction in our affections, but only in yours. In return – I speak as to children – open wide your hearts also.

2 Corinthians 6:11-13

 – all scriptures from the New Revised Standard Bible


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