White heart-shaped rock on pile of colorful rocks

What is SoulStream’s Living from the Heart course?

White heart-shaped rock on pile of colorful rocks

As I reflect on SoulStream’s Living from the Heart course, I can’t help but be reminded what happens when a new group of individuals embarks on this transformative journey.

Typically, as a new group comes together, a mix of anticipation and jitters fills the air. Participants are thinking about the uncharted territory ahead. They wonder where this path might lead them and whether they will find their place within it. It’s not uncommon for some to entertain second thoughts during these early days, questioning their decision to take this course. However, it’s equally common for these doubts to evolve into profound gratitude for having persevered.

Living from the Heart and Emotions

Living from the heart, as we explore in this program, encourages a departure from solely relying on rational thinking and intellect. It entails acknowledging the significance of emotions and considering the well-being of our bodies. While conventional wisdom often emphasizes logic and reasoning, research has shown that emotions play a substantial role in shaping our decisions. This dynamic interplay between head, heart, and body raises profound questions about the essence of authentic living.

Living from the Heart and Scripture

In the context of scripture, the concept of the “heart” extends far beyond mere emotional reactions. It serves as the core of our being, encompassing our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and volitional dimensions. Notably, within this intricate tapestry, God is seen as residing at the very center of our hearts, as highlighted in 1 Corinthians 3:16.

Living from the Heart and Authenticity

Just imagine the implications of having this divine presence within us. Picture an ongoing conversation taking place in that sacred space, with God compassionately listening to every aspect of our lives. God hears our stories, the chaos we’ve faced, our victories, and our deepest hopes. When we experience this level of understanding and unconditional love, we find the freedom to embody authenticity and live in alignment with our true selves.

The longing for authenticity is a universal desire. It resonates with the divine essence that dwells within us. It’s what dispels the nervousness that often accompanies new beginnings, drawing people to programs like the Living from the Heart course. It is a longing that fuels a dedicated prayer life. This longing inspires readers like you to explore the depths of this course.

“We were made to live from our hearts.”

Esther Hisza

Article used with permission and paraphrased from an article originally posted by Esther Hisza on her blog. An Everyday Pilgrim – September 21, 2018

Thanks Esther!


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