Worship Seminar Feedback

Here is what emerged from  participants, mostly lay leaders,  at the end of a recent contemplative worship seminar led by two SoulStream partners.

What we left behind

  • anxiety and having control
  • boxes that I contain God in
  • fear, anxiety and doubt
  • cynicism with church and leadership
  • my anxiety, care and burden in which I find myself taking on a yoke that’s not for me to hold
  • my agenda for our community
  • a yoke not of Jesus
  • worship ministry as an isolated area
  • anxiety and fear
  • despair and desolation
  • I am independent and self contained, I can survive as my own personal church
  • strict structure
  • destructive tension
  • burden of worries, exhaustion and tension compressing my spine
  • my fatigue, my striving
  • worship as some kind of thing of method we learn to give to other people
  • heaviness that can be so hard to release, may not even be mine to release but his to take on himself
  • the box I put God in, the box I put myself in, the box I put my community in
  • a fixation on outcomes


What we take away with us

  • the blessings of all who came trusting for ongoing transforming presence of Christ in them
  • we all need to be willing and active participants
  • the makeover is to be continued
  • a desire to discover and experience God as mother
  • beauty, belongingness, community feeling
  • a fuller sail
  • the humanity of Christ
  • simple songs welling up inside from my heart
  • creative and non-traditional worship
  • listening, chanting, constructive tension, the visio-divina experience
  • God is okay with our responses
  • transformation happens at the heart level
  • my life is enriched by contact and conversation with others
  • the waters receding from the cliffs just for a moment before rushing back, bringing life and refreshment and recreation to a barren landscape. It’s the breath taken in at the moment of death but the exhalation, the pneuma is coming
  • worship is calling God’s name
  • God ad I yoked together, he is pulling the heavy part of the load
  • openness to worshipful transformation we experience every day even on Sunday
  • notice the detail, the Lord is behind, beside and ahead of us
  • renewed awareness of God’s transforming work in me today
  • God desires my good, encouragement and joy in the family of God
  • patience with my congregation and myself, freedom knowing that God is at work
  • hope for change in family, community and church
  • all encompassing nature of worship, every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something God
  • God’s unimaginable abundance will never be measured or understood by me




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