Year-end Letter from Doug Schroeder, SoulStream Director

December 2015

Dear Partners and Friends of SoulStream,

I was moved when I read these words from a recent course participant:

“Before taking Living From The Heart I had been searching and longing for something to help bring life back to my soul. The course offered me a safe and spacious place to explore my doubts, fears, and lack of spiritual answers.  … It lead me into a more authentic way of living that encompasses my whole being, enlarged my view of God and deepened my awareness of the Sacred in me and all around me.”

This is just one of the beautiful stories of a life opening more fully to self and to God through connection with SoulStream! I know all of us can echo this story in personal and profound ways.

My connection with SoulStream continues to invite me to awaken more fully to God coming disguised as my ordinary life. God’s love is holding me, inviting me to live more in freedom and less in fear. I continue to grow in kindness to myself, opening me to greater compassion for others. I am grateful that the journey of transformation continues.

These are just a few gifts my encounter with SoulStream has offered me. Can you take a moment to think of what you have received through SoulStream?

For SoulStream to continue to offer gifts of spiritual transformation, we need your support. While our courses are self-supporting, they do not cover operating costs. We need about $6,000 monthly to meet financial commitments including director and administrator contracts, prayer vocation, accounting services, insurance, web maintenance, board and leadership team meetings and benevolent needs.

Will you consider a year-end gift to SoulStream? Your generosity will enable SoulStream to encourage many others to receive the gift of God’s intimate and loving presence in all of life.

There are many ways to give:

Thank you for considering SoulStream in your year-end giving.

Peace of Christ to you this Advent season.

Doug Schroeder
SoulStream Director